Balcony Patio Ponics System

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Location:  Kaimuki, O’ahu, HI

Build Date:  March 2010

System Type:  Patioponics

Native Plants Grown: Koa

Crops Grown:  Taro, Sweet potato, Bell Pepper, Tendergreen Cucumber, Burpluss Cucumber, Straight Eight Cucumber, Hawaiian chilipepper, Eggplant, Roma tomato, cherry tomato, Healani tomato, Basal, Dill, Garlic Chives


  • Transporting materials through the lobby, in the elevator, down the hall, in the apartment, and out to the balcony.
  • Needed to be approved by the complex manager

Project Description:

This system was built on a balcony of an apartment, presenting the added challenge of transporting materials through common areas of the apartment complex.  Because of the close proximity of the apartments, the system had to be low-noise and minimally intrusive to neighbors.  Hapa Farms also assisted the homeowners with the paperwork to receive the proper approvals required by the complex manager.

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