Highlands Intermediate School Science Garden

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Build Date:  September 2010

System Type:  Commercial Gravel System, Four Research Systems, Ten 35 gallon Static hydroponics units

Crops Grown:  Burpluss Cucumber, Healani Tomato, Manoa Lettuce, Citrus tree, Marigold, Sweet potato, Taro, Green onion, Sugar cane


  • Transporting the building materials through the school by hand

Project Description:

Hapa Farms has successfully designed and built several aquaponic and static hydroponic systems at Highlands Intermediate School in Pearl City, Hawaii.  With the support of school administration, aquaponics is being integrated into the science curriculum at the school and the systems provided by Hapa Farms serve as a hands-on, project-based learning opportunity for these students.

In addition to designing and building the systems for the campus space provided, Hapa Farms has held several workshops for school faculty to teach about the history and science behind aquaponics, as well as hands-on training workshops on building and maintenance.  By providing continued site visits and online support, Hapa Farms has supported school faculty to ensure successful plant and fish growth and health of the aquaponic and static hydroponic systems.

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