Patio Ponics System Install in Hilo, Hawaii

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Location:  Pahoa, Big Island, HI

Build Date:  November 2010

System Built:  Patioponics

Crops growing:  Manoa Lettuce, Anuenue Lettuce, Healani Tomato, Bok Choy, Burpluss Cucumber


  • Physical location receives only four hours of direct sunlight
  • Physical location is elevated on a concrete slab that has a noticeable slope
  • The property tends to flood during heavy rains

Project Description:

The patioponic system was installed in location selected by the homeowners that is otherwise unsuitable for plant production with traditional methods due to the lack of sunlight (only four hours of direct sunlight a day) and the flooding that commonly occurs during heavy rains.  The selected site was on a sloped concrete slab so the system was modified to accommodate the slant of the base.

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