Side Corridor Patio Ponics System in Kane’ohe

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Location:  Kane’ohe, O’ahu, HI

Build Date:  September 2010

System Built:  Patioponics

Crops growing: Manoa Lettuce, Romaine lettuce, cherry tomato, Suyo cucumber, Artichoke


  • Physical location is 12 ft. from neighbors house along a 5 ft narrow walking path
  • Physical location is along a corridor that funnels and amplifies wind speed
  • Physical location is primarily shaded 24 hours a day

Project Description:

The high winds in the corridor selected by the homeowners for the patioponic system necessitated a design and build that ensured the stability of the grow beds and stands for the system.  Close proximity to adjacent homes required assurance of low noise for minimal impact on neighbors.

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