Waimanalo Prototype System in Manoa

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Location:  Manoa, O’ahu, HI

Build Date:  August 2010

System Type:  Waimanalo Prototype System

Crops Grown:  Corn, Papaya, Taro, Sweet potato, Cucumber, tomato


  • Physical location is about 10 feet away from neighbors
  • Protect base from dogs and small children
  • Building hours were limited to the day time so we didn’t disturb the neighbors

System Description:

The location for the system selected by the homeowners was in close proximity to bedroom windows and adjacent homes, requiring minimal noise from system pumps and water flow.  The yard is also shared with outdoor pets so the pets’ safety had to be ensured while also protecting the system from potential damage by the pets.

The system built includes two elevated gravel grow beds and a 300ga fish tank.

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