Highlands Intermediate Aquaponics Class Underway

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We visited the aquaponics class at Highlands Intermediate School this week.  The class is the first aquaponics class offered at the school and is a project-based class using the systems Hapa Farms installed last year.  Students in the class were busy taking various measurements from sensors in the system and got a quick lesson on food safety practices when working with the plants in the aquaponic systems during our visit.

Update on Balcony Patioponics

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The patioponics system we installed on a condo balcony in Kaimuki is doing well.  In the ebb-and-flow gravel bed there are Hawaiian peppers, watermelon, tomatoes, squash, papaya, strawberry, and a rare Native Hawaiian plant.  Growing in the raft are eggplants, squash, baby romaine lettuce, and peppers.

Aquaponics Program Expanded to Pearl City Complex

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The aquaponics pilot program that isisHawaii and Hapa Farms started at Highlands Intermediate School has been extended and expanded to the elementary schools in the Pearl City Complex for the 2011-2012 school year.  Hapa Farms will be adding a commercial-scale aquaponics system to the systems installed last year at the Highlands Intermediate Science Garden and will be working with the elementary schools to design systems for their campuses.  We will also be working with the teachers and staff at the schools to provide training in maintenance and food safety.

Aquaponic Bananas

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Bananas are growing on the banana tree grown in Hapa Farms’ aquaponic system in Nu’uanu. The tree was planted from a small cutting in the gravel bed and fruit appeared in early July. Can’t wait to eat these bananas!

Bananas growing in gravel bed in Nuuanu aquaponic system

Bananas in mid-August

Bananas in mid-July

Star Advertiser Features Hapa Farms Aquaponic System at Highlands Intermediate

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The Star Advertiser’s August 14 publication included an article about the income-based academics divide in Hawaii that highlighted the aquaponics at Highlands Intermediate School, built and maintained by Hapa Farms.  The aquaponics system was pictured (page A14) and described as an example of one of the rigorous STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) projects that students participate in as an important component in preparing students for college and career paths.  The article featured Highlands Intermediate School because of their achievements in raising test scores amongst their high percentage of low-income students.

The article can be read online with a Star Advertiser subscription:

Hapa Farms in Whole Foods webisode

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Hapa Farms will be featured in a webisode on innovative agriculture for a Whole Foods web series on solutions for an overcrowded planet.  A production team filmed residential systems as well as the Highlands Intermediate School aquaponic and static hydroponic systems in their science garden for the video.  The webisode is scheduled to be launched in fall of 2011.

Papayas in Manoa System

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Papayas growing in the Waimanalo Prototype aquaponic system in Manoa.

Static Aquaponic Tomatoes

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Heirloom tomatoes were harvested from an experimental static aquaponics system in Nuuanu.

Updated Photos from Hilo Patio Ponics System

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Science Garden Tour at Highlands Intermediate

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Hapa Farms gave two 4th grade classes from the Pearl City complex a tour of the Highlands Intermediate School Science Garden on Friday, 1/21, showing the students the aquaponic and static hydroponic systems.  They also talked to the students about the environmental concerns that face Hawaii and how aquaponics can help to preserve Hawaii’s resources by using less water and electricity to grow food locally.  The students enjoyed seeing the growing plants and tilapia in the systems and one student was even overheard telling another student that they hoped they get to go to Highlands for 7th grade!