Pepper harvest in Nuuanu

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Lots of peppers were harvested from the gravel bed in the commercial system in Nuuanu, including long slim sweet (mild), Hawaiian chili (hot), holy mole (hot!), chocolate habanero (hotter!), and red hot cherry peppers (super hot!).

Highlands Intermediate School Aquaponics Class

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Highlands Intermediate School will be offering an aquaponics class next school year through their science department.  Students will learn about aquaponics, science, and sustainability using the systems provided by Hapa Farms. The science teachers at Highlands have been working closely with Hapa Farms to maintain and care for their systems and learn about the scientific processes that make aquaponics work to prepare for the class.

Waimanalo Prototype System in Manoa

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Location:  Manoa, O’ahu, HI

Build Date:  August 2010

System Type:  Waimanalo Prototype System

Crops Grown:  Corn, Papaya, Taro, Sweet potato, Cucumber, tomato


  • Physical location is about 10 feet away from neighbors
  • Protect base from dogs and small children
  • Building hours were limited to the day time so we didn’t disturb the neighbors

System Description:

The location for the system selected by the homeowners was in close proximity to bedroom windows and adjacent homes, requiring minimal noise from system pumps and water flow.  The yard is also shared with outdoor pets so the pets’ safety had to be ensured while also protecting the system from potential damage by the pets.

The system built includes two elevated gravel grow beds and a 300ga fish tank.

Highland Intermediate School Seminar and System Update

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These pictures are from our second Highlands Intermediate School hands-on seminar where we taught the science teachers how to build and maintain the system. During the seminar we also weighed the fish that went into each system for a science experiment being conducted that measures growth over time.

Small Commercial System in Nuuanu Residence

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Location:  Nu’uanu, O’ahu, HI

Build Date:  February 2010

System Type:  Small commercial system, static hydroponic systems

Native Plants grown:  A’ali’i and Lonomea

Crops Grown:  Banana, Papya, Chocolate Habenero?, Hawaiian chilipepper, Long and Slim pepper, Sugar cane, Corn, Eggplant, Cucumber, Sweet Potato, Tomato (Healani, Roma, cherry, etc), Manoa Lettuce, Swiss Chard, Bok Choy, Green Onion, Celery, Garlic Chives, Chinese Parsley, and Bell Pepper.


  • Setting the foundation for the entire system
  • Physical location is significantly slopped
  • Physical location is very windy

Project Description:

This system was installed in a backyard with a significant slope and terracing in some areas.  The layout of the system was customized based on this terrain and the stands for the tables were adjusted to ensure that the tables were stable and level with minimal impact on the land itself.  High winds in the area required the building of supports for the plants within the system.

    Highlands Intermediate School Science Garden

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    Build Date:  September 2010

    System Type:  Commercial Gravel System, Four Research Systems, Ten 35 gallon Static hydroponics units

    Crops Grown:  Burpluss Cucumber, Healani Tomato, Manoa Lettuce, Citrus tree, Marigold, Sweet potato, Taro, Green onion, Sugar cane


    • Transporting the building materials through the school by hand

    Project Description:

    Hapa Farms has successfully designed and built several aquaponic and static hydroponic systems at Highlands Intermediate School in Pearl City, Hawaii.  With the support of school administration, aquaponics is being integrated into the science curriculum at the school and the systems provided by Hapa Farms serve as a hands-on, project-based learning opportunity for these students.

    In addition to designing and building the systems for the campus space provided, Hapa Farms has held several workshops for school faculty to teach about the history and science behind aquaponics, as well as hands-on training workshops on building and maintenance.  By providing continued site visits and online support, Hapa Farms has supported school faculty to ensure successful plant and fish growth and health of the aquaponic and static hydroponic systems.

      Balcony Patio Ponics System

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      Location:  Kaimuki, O’ahu, HI

      Build Date:  March 2010

      System Type:  Patioponics

      Native Plants Grown: Koa

      Crops Grown:  Taro, Sweet potato, Bell Pepper, Tendergreen Cucumber, Burpluss Cucumber, Straight Eight Cucumber, Hawaiian chilipepper, Eggplant, Roma tomato, cherry tomato, Healani tomato, Basal, Dill, Garlic Chives


      • Transporting materials through the lobby, in the elevator, down the hall, in the apartment, and out to the balcony.
      • Needed to be approved by the complex manager

      Project Description:

      This system was built on a balcony of an apartment, presenting the added challenge of transporting materials through common areas of the apartment complex.  Because of the close proximity of the apartments, the system had to be low-noise and minimally intrusive to neighbors.  Hapa Farms also assisted the homeowners with the paperwork to receive the proper approvals required by the complex manager.

        Side Corridor Patio Ponics System in Kane’ohe

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        Location:  Kane’ohe, O’ahu, HI

        Build Date:  September 2010

        System Built:  Patioponics

        Crops growing: Manoa Lettuce, Romaine lettuce, cherry tomato, Suyo cucumber, Artichoke


        • Physical location is 12 ft. from neighbors house along a 5 ft narrow walking path
        • Physical location is along a corridor that funnels and amplifies wind speed
        • Physical location is primarily shaded 24 hours a day

        Project Description:

        The high winds in the corridor selected by the homeowners for the patioponic system necessitated a design and build that ensured the stability of the grow beds and stands for the system.  Close proximity to adjacent homes required assurance of low noise for minimal impact on neighbors.

          Patio Ponics System Install in Hilo, Hawaii

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          Location:  Pahoa, Big Island, HI

          Build Date:  November 2010

          System Built:  Patioponics

          Crops growing:  Manoa Lettuce, Anuenue Lettuce, Healani Tomato, Bok Choy, Burpluss Cucumber


          • Physical location receives only four hours of direct sunlight
          • Physical location is elevated on a concrete slab that has a noticeable slope
          • The property tends to flood during heavy rains

          Project Description:

          The patioponic system was installed in location selected by the homeowners that is otherwise unsuitable for plant production with traditional methods due to the lack of sunlight (only four hours of direct sunlight a day) and the flooding that commonly occurs during heavy rains.  The selected site was on a sloped concrete slab so the system was modified to accommodate the slant of the base.

            Photos from Highlands Intermediate School

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