Aquaponics in Education

Aquaponics illustrates scientific concepts such as the carbon cycle, the nitrogen cycle, the hydrogen cycle, and photosynthesis.  Additionally, students learn about sustainability and agriculture, and benefit from the crops that they help to grow.

In addition to designing and building the aquaponic and static hydroponic systems, Hapa Farms provides training in the science behind aquaponics as well as system maintenance, fish care, planting, and pest control for school faculty.

Backyard Aquaponic Systems

Hapa Farms provides antibiotic-free and FNO-free fish for aquaculture and aquaponic systems and offers the design and build of residential aquaponic systems.  These systems can range from small residential systems to commercial-scale units and are custom designed based on the needs of the homeowner and the limitations of the space available.  Maintenance and basic food safety training is also available.  Fees are available upon request.  We also recommend that you build your own system: